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Rare Coins

The Coin Shop welcomes silver and gold coin buyers to our Janesville store where you can sell your precious coins, OR buy more for your collection.

  • Proof Mint Sets - US Mint Coin proof sets are a treasured cornerstone for any numismatic collection.
  • Estate Collections – We welcome the opportunity to purchase of estate collections to help round out our inventory of rare coins for sale.
  • Error Coins – Unintended mistakes in the minting of coins produces error coins that can sometimes be worth more than minted coins without errors.
  • Commemorative coins – We welcome your commemorative coin collections as well. Bring them in for an appraisal.
  • Gold & Silver Coin Sets - Silver and Gold Coins have always been a good investment because when other investments go down, gold and silver usually g up. In fact, capital gains taxes do not have to be paid until after you have sold your coins.
  • Graded Coins - Coin grading is the procedure used to determine the condition, grade and/or value of a collectible coin, according to its color, strike, luster, attractiveness and preservation.
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